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Verju Cellulite Reduction
State of the Art Body Contouring With Verju Laser Verju is one of the world’s premier body contouring lasers providing tangible circumference losses of up to 4.5 inches in as little as two weeks of treatment. Verju targets those stubborn areas of fat that are typically the last to respond to diet and exercise and does so in a way that is both pain free and requires zero downtime. If you thought lipo was the
Nail Fungus Problems? Why Laser Therapy Trumps All Other Options The Lunula nail fungus laser treatment machine is fast becoming the preferred method of treating nail fungus and not simply because of the micro-fireworks display that sometimes occurs during treatment sessions. No, laser therapy is finding favour with patients and health care practitioners alike because of the ease of its application, its painless nature, its affordability and, of course, its effectiveness. Laser treatment of nail
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Verjú Cellulite Reduction Laser: The Dawn of Smooth Skin For years health professionals, spa owners and individuals have been searching for a non-invasive, low impact, affordable and reliable ways to eliminate cellulite. Along the way they’ve embraced a lot of close calls, near misses and shots in the dark including different Type of fat reduction therapies Brushing: While cellulite does appear to be at least in part circulation-related brush therapies only improve circulation at the
Swiss DolorClast Shockwave
Shockwave Therapy: The Power of Focused Energy A shockwave is broadly defined as a region of abrupt change both in air pressure and density that moves away from its point of origin at or even above the speed of sound. Shockwaves were first identified, and some of their effects first noted, during the Second World War. During that time doctors came into contact with soldiers and sailors who were experiencing mysterious disruptions to their lungs
Lunula Laser: NextGen Onychomycosis Treatment Only from Erchonia Onychomycosis affects nearly 10% of the adult population. In most cases it causes the nail to thicken and become discoloured, with a yellowish hue being most common. Although the infected nail itself (whether fingernail or, more commonly, the toenail) is not painful the longer the infection remains untreated the more brittle the nail becomes. Pieces often break off and the tissue under and around the nail can

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