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Introduce Your Patients to the Future of Fat Loss

Introducing your patients to the future of fat loss with the Erchonia Emerald Laser, a low level laser that is also known as laser liposuction. It will give your patients the benefits of fat loss a painless, non-invasive treatment that has no side effects or downtime.

The Emerald Laser is a low level laser therapy that targets fat cells and the process allows the cell to leak the fatty acids to leak through the walls which are then processed by the body’s lymphatic system and flushed out naturally. This process shrinks the fat cells, which then results in weight loss.

Treat Multiple Types of Patients and Body Types

The Emerald Laser is FDA and Health Canada approved to treat patients with a BMI up to 40, which is higher than most laser lipo treatments. Which makes this a very safe alternative to a larger client base.

The Emerald Laser can be used by patients of any size and on several different parts of the body. Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio uses the Emerald Laser to target a thin layer of fat on her abdomen.

The Emerald Laser can be set to target specific areas on the body and give your patients great results in weight loss and measurements. Your patients can target thighs, stomachs, waist, butts, backs, arms, necks, and any other part of the body that they have stubborn fat.

Results will vary with each patient, but studies and testimonials worldwide show the positive results from Emerald Laser treatments. While some patients may see results in one session, most require a few sessions to get to the results that they want. Results for average circumference loss is 6 inches!

Treat Multiple Types of Patients and Body Types

You can offer your patients these amazing results while assuring them that their patients are pain-free. The Emerald Laser does not involve a hot laser, and your patients will not even feel their treatments as the laser targets their fat cells. And since there is no pain, no side effects, and no downtime, your patients can get a treatment and then continue on with the rest of their day.

Offering your patients a safe and effective way to get rid of excess body fat, reducing their circumference, and giving them more confidence.

Getting Your Practice Started with Emerald Laser

Contact us today at 1-800-657-6009 or info@magne-tec.com to learn more about purchase and leasing options for the Emerald Laser. We can provide your with pricing and financial options.

We can also discuss what current providers are currently charging for treatment packages and the price point that has been effective for maintaining profitability and achieving success with your patients.

The Emerald Laser is manufactured by Erchonia and as an official distributor, we are excited to help your grow your business with this state of the art fat reduction laser. By becoming a provider you can start offering this safe and effective fat loss treatment to your patients.