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Offer Your Clients Effective Pain Management With the EVRL Handheld Laser

The Erchonia EVRL (Erchonia Violet and Red Laser) is a cordless handheld device with an easy to navigate user interface. With Erchonia’s violet and red laser, you are getting a device that has different wavelengths. The violet and red lasers stimulate different types of healing and give your practice versatility. You can treat more conditions with the EVRL and create personalized treatment plans.

The EVRL Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) device is effective, versatile, and clinically proven for pain management. Erchonia Low Level Lasers have been proven by multiple (level 1) double blind, randomised, placebo-controlled, and multi-site clinical studies.

The Erchonia red laser operates at a wavelength of 635nm, which has been proven to relieve chronic pain.

The Erchonia violet laser operates at a lower wavelength of 405nm and can target dermatological conditions, and has been successful in treating acne.

The EVRL lasers contain anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties and can be used to treat patients that experience lower back pain, heel pain, knee pain, sprains, strains, musculoskeletal pain, and arthritis. The EVRL can also increase a patients range of motion and help regenerate damaged tissue.

The EVRL targets affected tissue and muscles to help heal patients. The receptors in skin absorb the EVRL lasers and increase energy production within the body. This creates a biochemical reaction. This can also help regrow cells in the body and improve circulation and the flow of oxygen.

Together, the violet and red lasers combined give your practice flexibility for treatments.

Treatments with the EVRL are short, effective, painless, and pose no health risks, which means no discomfort or downtime for your clients.

A Growing Business Opportunity

New medical uses for LLLT are being researched every day, and more scientific and medical professionals are recognizing the treatment’s many advantages. With a boom in research and popularity, the potential for LLLT in pain relief treatment is limitless.

Any medical professional understands the significant benefits of an effective handheld treatment option. The “smartphone” size of the cord-free EVRL device allows for easy portability between offices and enables staff to spend less time setting up equipment before each session. The intuitive GUI also ensures ease of use without extensive knowledge of the device.

Those advantages combined with the unparalleled benefits of the device’s powerful red and violet laser pain treatments ensure that this unique device is a superb addition to any medical setting.

Erchonia’s handheld cold lasers for doctors, chiropractors and other healthcare professionals are also extremely easy to use. The lightweight, cord-free handheld design offers easy portability to transport between rooms or clinics, allowing staff to spend less time setting up equipment and more time on patient care. The intuitive GUI also ensures that anyone can use the device with ease — staff won’t need extensive training to operate this easy-to-use tool.

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