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Verjú Cellulite Reduction Laser: The Dawn of Smooth Skin

For years health professionals, spa owners and individuals have been searching for a non-invasive, low impact, affordable and reliable ways to eliminate cellulite. Along the way they’ve embraced a lot of close calls, near misses and shots in the dark including different Type of fat reduction therapies

While cellulite does appear to be at least in part circulation-related brush therapies only improve circulation at the surface of the skin. As such, the underlying problem is not effectively addressed.

Specialty garments:
It would be great if a person could simply slip on one of these compression garments and be rid of cellulite. Unfortunately it’s not that simple.

It seems logical enough: just vacuum the fat out of the problem area and get rid of the cellulite. Again, however, it’s just not that simple and lipo has been known to actually create cottage cheese.

Another type of product that is long on promise and short on delivery creams are widely promoted as the answer to cellulite. But creams just aren’t capable of addressing all myriad causes of the condition and often do little more than raise hopes before dashing them.

Fat freezing:
Also known by its clinical name “cryolipolysis” fat freezing goes all-in on the notion that if fat cells can be frozen they’ll break down and be absorbed by the body thereby solving the problem of cellulite. As of this writing there is little clinical evidence to support this claim.

Rollers or “Cellulite massagers” are another type of therapy that seeks to eliminate cellulite by increasing circulation. These devices can sometimes provide short term improvement in surface appearance but none have been shown to produce lasting positive effects.

In spite of the best intentioned efforts of the professionals behind these various techniques and technologies the problem of cellulite has continued to defy solution. In a sense cellulite has been the Fermat’s Last Theorem of skin care and finding a solution has proven nearly as vexing. Thankfully, just as a proof was finally found for Fermat’s Theorem so too has an effective, low-impact method finally been found for reducing, and in many cases eliminating, cellulite.

That method is called Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT). LLLT employs what is known as “cold” laser light at a wavelength of 532 nanometers to address the subsurface tissue cellulite is comprised of. Where high powered lasers are used in spas and clinics to destroy tissue or hair follicles in order to achieve a particular cosmetic result, LLLT is not capable of destroying tissue but instead works to stimulate the function of fat cells and trick them into spontaneously breaking down.

The Verjú Fat Reduction Laser System

The Verjú fat reduction laser system is at the forefront of LLLT technology and was recognized and approved by the US FDA in 2014 as a non-invasive method of cellulite elimination as well as for body contouring of the hips, waist and thighs. Still, with all the various cellulite treatments that have come and gone and come again in slightly different forms, one could be forgiven for being sceptical about Verjú LLLT. But it won’t take long for the undeniable effectiveness of this cellulite removal machine to melt away that scepticism the same way it melts away cellulite. As of this writing the Verjú Green Laser is the only FDA approved non-invasive treatment for cellulite on the market and its reputation grows with each passing day and each satisfied customer.

Just How Does the Verjú Cellulite Reduction Laser Work?

The Verjú Green Laser LLLT system is completely non-invasive, requires no anesthesia, no recovery time and is capable of producing startling results in as little as two weeks. The device never touches the body of your patient/client and the entire process is pain free. Verjú hones in on those stubborn areas that resist other, lesser technologies, activating fat cells and causing them to emulsify of their own accord. As the fatty lipids within the cells are released and eliminated by the lymphatic system what’s left of the fat cells collapse and are absorbed by the body. The essential difference between Verjú and other technologies and methodologies is that Verjú tackles cellulite by activating your body’s own mechanisms rather than trying to impose a solution via artificial means. Let’s have a closer look at just what is going on during the Verjú LLLT process.

The Verjú Green Laser system penetrates directly into adipose (fat) cells stimulating them and causing lipid draining pores to open. Unlike with other clinical laser procedures there is no thermal damage or other disruption to the cells, no tissue death (necrosis) and no lysis.

The LLLT stimulates liquefaction of the lipids and slowly this problem fat drains from the cells. As it does the cells themselves collapse. The pores of the cell may stay open for as long as two days during which time draining and shrinking of the cells will continue. Eventually the empty cells will collapse and be absorbed by the body.

The key to the process is an enzyme-like compound known as cyclic AMP. The cold laser light activates this compound which in turn signals the pores of the cell to open. When they do the lipids drain out, the pores collapse and the fat is eliminated. Essentially this is the same physiological mechanism triggered by dieting or intense exercise.

Again, the difference between the Verjú cellulite reduction laser system and other lesser treatments is the ability of the LLLT to provoke natural and beneficial physiological responses rather than trying to impose an artificial solution through specious means.


Low-Level Laser Therapy has proven its worth in clinical trials and countless real world applications. The Verjú LLLT treatment system is the best, most effective LLLT therapy yet devised to help your patients eliminate stubborn deposits of fat that have resisted conventional treatments. It is also the most effective anti-cellulite treatment on the market today. To learn more about obtaining this state of the art cellulite removal machine for your clinic or spa contact Magne-Tec today by calling 905-669-1154. Or email us at: info@magne-tec.com.