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The Advantages Of Offering Swiss DolorClast To Your Patients

There are several reasons to off Swiss DolorClast treatments to your patients.

As a provider:
– Very financially rewarding for the clinic
– Saves YOU time to see more patients
– You are offering evidence based medicine
– 75% of clinical evidence that shockwave works is based on the Swiss DolorClast

For your patients:
– Swiss DolorClast treatments are covered by most 3rd party payers (insurance)
– No surgery, so no risk
– No hospital admission
– No medications
– Relief from pain in 8-10 days
– 80% success rate
The Swiss DolorClast Method treats many indications

What exactly is the Swiss DolorClast Method?

The Swiss DolorClast Method uses single acoustic pressure waves, also known as shockwaves to treat musculoskeletal and dermatological pathologies.

These shockwaves deliver mechanical stress to the injured tissue to create a healing reaction in the body and gives immediate pain relief.

Your patients can get relief in 3-5 sessions! It is clinically proven that pressure waves can stimulate metabolic reactions by reducing the pain felt by nerve fibres, increasing blood circulation in the soft tissue, and beginning the healing process by triggering the stem cell activation.

Swiss DolorClast Shockwave therapy has demonstrated success in the treatment of tennis/golfer elbow, rotator cuff, plantar fasciitis, myofascial trigger points, and chronic tendinopathies.

What An Average Treatment Looks Like

Your patients should get treatment once per week for about 3-5 weeks. This allows for a recovery period between each treatment. The treatments last about 3 minutes per session. Swiss DolorClast will release an average of 2000 pulses during their treatments. Your patients will feel slight discomfort due to the body’s c-nerve fibers releasing Substance P.


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