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Zerona Z6 Body Contouring Laser


Zerona’s Clinically Tested Fat Loss Treatment

The cold laser technology behind the Zerona procedure is both clinically tested and proven effective as a fat loss treatment. The Zerona technique has been clinically researched using multiple double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized, multi-site studies. The results speak for themselves. Most clients lost an average of 3.52 inches from the circumference of their waist, thighs and hips, while the placebo group only lost about a half inch.


Why Clinically Tested Fat Loss Treatments Are Important

If you’re looking to lose fat, there are tons of companies to choose from. They boast of instant results and guarantee to help you lose weight both quickly and safely. However, you’ll find that many of these claims are not only false but downright dangerous. In fact, most other forms of fat loss treatments harm the fat cells, while Zerona is specifically designed to avoid doing so.

Clinical testing ensures that a fat loss procedure is safe and effective. Zerona-Z6 has undergone multiple clinical studies, so clients can have confidence that the treatment works with proven results. Plus, these trials and FDA Market-Clearances confirm that the Zerona procedure is safe.

Thousands of clients have now seen positive results using the clinically tested Zerona laser.

Alternative Fat Loss Treatment

Until recently, patients seeking a safe and effective fat loss technique had few options. Liposuction and other fat loss procedures require lengthy recoveries, and many fat loss methods result in: swelling, bruising, damage to other bodily tissue and killing fat cells

Zerona Z6’s cold laser technology targets fat cells using non-invasive low-level laser technology (LLLT). That means you can enjoy real results without the inconvenience of weight loss surgery, painful non-invasive treatments, or fat loss procedures. You’ll experience a variety of benefits when you choose Zerona over other fat loss methods, including:

  • No downtime or rest before resuming normal activities
  • No restrictive bandages
  • No anesthesia

Plus, Zerona is different than other low-level laser fat loss techniques. Instead of heating or freezing tissue, which can cause pain and discomfort, the cold laser technology emulsifies fatty tissue without killing it.


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