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Aesthetics Lasers from Erchonia®

The Most Attractive Thing You Can Wear Is Your Confidence!

Comprehensive treatments for body contouring, the appearance of cellulite, and nail fungus.

Erchonia cares about clinicians and patients, and they prove it through their extensive research undergone in the strictest clinical trial conditions. With 15 FDA market clearances, they’re dedicated to producing safe, effective solutions designed for chiropractors, physical therapists, health clinics and veterinarians worldwide.

Erchonia Emerald Laser FDA and Health Canada Approved Fat Loss Laser Magne-tec


Cellulite Removal & Non-Invasive Body Contouring Treatment

The Verju Laser System is a new revolutionary technology designed for the most advanced non-invasive body contouring treatment for laser sculpting. The result of nearly 20 years of research on the fat cells by Erchonia, the Verju became the first and only FDA market cleared green body sculpting laser for circumference reduction of the waist, hips & thighs. Verju offers the most superior treatment coverage with (6) patented green (532nm) line generated laser diodes. The green output ensures 25% more energy than that of any predecessor laser sculpting device.

The patient simply lies down in a relaxing position for 15 minutes on their back and then 15 minutes on their front. The Verju does all the work to target the enlarged adipocytes and decrease volume to create the slimming effect that is sought after by both women and men alike. The clinical study results were so enlightening, they were published in the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery.

*Individual results may vary.

Erchonia Emerald Laser


Cellulite Removal & Non-Invasive Body Fat Treatment

Emerald is a non-invasive low-level laser that emits 10 532 nm green lasers onto the skin to treat hypertrophic adipocytes. The treatment emulsifies the adipose tissue and releases excess fatty materials into the interstitial space. From there, the fat is passed through the body during its natural course of detoxification through the lymphatic system.

The treatment is FDA-cleared for full-body laser fat loss and can treat even the most stubborn areas of the body. The main objective of this treatment is to decrease your overall body circumference.

*Individual results may vary.


Erchonia’s Zerona-Z6 Laser

Specially Designed For Use During Non-Invasive Body Contouring

Zerona-Z6 is a new body-sculpting procedure designed to target fat and contour the body without invasive surgery. Zerona-Z6 unlike other procedures, allows the client to continue their daily activities without interruptions from surgery, pain, wounds or garments. Zerona-Z6 works by utilizing the Erchonia’s patented low level laser technology to emulsify adipose tissue which then releases into the interstitial space. Our bodies remove the fat from the area and transport the fat from through the lymphatic system creating a slimming effect. The Zerona-Z6 was proven through a double-blind, randomized, multi-site, and placebo controlled study in which clients averaged a loss of 3.52* inches compared to the placebo group that lost only a half an inch.

*Individual results may vary.


Lunula Laser

Nail Fungus Treatment

Easy To Use Nail Fungus Treatment Laser
The Erchonia Lunula Laser, the revolutionary low-level laser therapy bringing new hope to people suffering from onychomycosis. Safe and effective, Lunula Laser is the first and only non-thermal cold laser to receive FDA 510(k) Market Clearance for temporary increase of clear nail for patients suffering from Onychomycosis. The innovative Lunula foot fungus laser poses none of the risks and harmful side effects of oral anti-fungal medications and is painless, unlike other laser therapies.

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