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A shock wave is a single acoustic pulse characterized by a rapid rise to a high peak pressure followed by a rapid drop to below ambient pressure. They are delivered to the affected area from the point of contact at the skin surface.

The Swiss DolorClast® Method uses single acoustic pressure waves to treat musculoskeletal and dermatological pathologies. It offers two technologies – propagation of radial and/or focused shock waves — to optimize treatment results.

The Swiss DolorClast® Method can treat heel pain (plantar fasciopathy/ fasciitis), tendinopathies (achilles, patellar), ostheoartritis, non-union fractures & spasticity.





Depletion of presynaptic substance P in C nerve fibers1

Blockade of neurogenic inflammation1 Improved tendons gliding ability2


Improved blood circulation3

Activation of mesenchymal stem cells4 New bone formation5

1 Maier et al., 2003. 2 Zhang et al., 2011. 3 Application of shock waves usually results in reddening of the skin, which indicates increased blood supply. 4 Hofmann et al., J Trauma 2008. 5 Radial ESWT: Gollwitzer et al., 2013; ESWT: Tischer et al., 2008, among many others.

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Shockwave Ballistic Generation

Ballistic Generation

Compressed air accelerates a projectile which strikes a fixed applicator.
The kinetic energy is converted into a shock wave delivered to the target tissue through the skin.

These shock waves are conveyed radially for broad treatment areas.

Swiss DolorClast® Products


Swiss DolorClast® Smart20

The Smart Choice In Radial Shock Wave Therapy

Radio Shockwaves in a new format, compact, lightweight and versatile. The new Swiss DolorClast® Smart20 now makes radial shock wave therapy even smarter. Enhanced versatility and mobility, improved treatment results and better economics combine to offer effective radial shock wave therapy at a uniquely affordable price.

Effective and easy

  • Freely selectable impulse frequencies
  • Compact design and easy handling
  • Pneumatically generated shock wave
  • Broad spectrum of indications
  • Controlled application (indicator for applied pressure)
  • Working pressure up to 4 bar
  • Innovative touch panel

Swiss DolorClast® Master

The Solution In Radial Shock Wave Therapy

Designed for easy-to-run sessions, the Swiss DolorClast® Master features 17 ready-to-treat protocols with preset recommended settings, and up to 200 logs for tailored treatment protocols.

  • Accurate manual settings, pressure ramp-up and energy density display.
  • Air pressure Vs Energy Flux Density (EFD) converter.

Integrating a comprehensive therapeutic guide, the device gives access to anatomical and clinical definitions, list of published clinical studies, contra-indications and risks.

Stores patients files with automatic treatment history and offers a Visual Analog Scale solution to track pain reduction throughout the treatment.


Swiss DolorClast® Classic

The Original Radial Shock Wave Device

In a class of its own
The original radial Shock Wave device that set new standards in treatments of tendinopathies and calcifications since 1999. Fast-track treatments thanks to free selection of frequency, air pressure and impulses:

  • First Shock Wave device worldwide being used for the treatment of trigger points in 2001
  • The only Radial Shock Wave device on the market with FDA approval for plantar fasciopathy
  • Plug-and-treat system
  • Variable operating frequency (1-20 Hz)
  • Preset impulse rate
  • Automatic impulse counter
  • Applied-pressure indicator for controlled application
  • Autoclavable parts for more safety

Swiss DolorClast® Evo Blue Handpiece

The Only Constant Energy Shock Waves Hand-Piece On The Market

The new Swiss DolorClast® Evo Blue Handpiece, with over 1 million pulses, delivers constant Energy Flux Density (EFD) output throughout the entire spectrum of frequency which enables to treat 6 times larger areas in the same amount of time with a 36 mm applicator at 4 bar, compared to a 15 mm applicator at 2 bar.

New applicator design based on Finite Element Analysis* – for ideal Shock Wave transmission

High-precision smart-lock piston with patented valve system – for unprecedented energy flux densities at all frequencies.

Improved performance
Latest innovation from the inventor of Radial Shock Wave therapy (RSWT®) – the Original Swiss DolorClast® Method

Easy and faster
Easy handpiece revision by quick replacement of smart-lock piston – much faster, more precise and safer than (self-) assembly of single spare parts


Swiss DolorClast® Power+ Handpiece

The Highest Energy Flux Density

A modified design, an adjusted travel distance, the size of projectile and new applicators account for higher energy flux density. The Power+ handpiece extends the range of applications due to higher energy and greater depth of penetration.


  • Variable energy flux density (0.01-0.55 mJ/mm2)
  • Greater depth of penetration (up to 45 mm)
  • Integrated impulse counter and impulse trigger
  • 36 mm planar applicator for surface treatment
  • Focus applicator for directed shock wave application
  • Easy to use and compatible with all Swiss DolorClast® devices

“This treatment helped me to be able to take part in the World Cup races… and prepared me for the Olympics in Vancouver”

– Aksel Lund Svindal

Alpine Skier, 42 Gold Medals Won In The World Cup Races


Introduction to Shock Wave Therapy

This video features Per Nymann Andersen, Swiss DolorClast® Academy trainer based in Norway