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Safe Weight Loss with the Emerald Laser

With low level laser therapy for weight loss, you never have to worry about paradoxical adipose hyperplasia, which is when fat in the treated area expands and then hardens into unnatural shaped lumps because of the extreme cold. Instead of shrinking, it actually can get bigger.

With lasers such as Erchonia’s Emerald Laser, the laser targets the body fat, breaking the fat cells away from their centers. By doing this, it divides the fat cells and causes them to separate from the fatty tissue form. The fatty liquid that is inside the cells comes out, which leaves the cell empty and causes it to shrink, which results in the treated area to shrink as well. The fatty substance that was in the cell leaves your body naturally.

With low level laser therapy for weight loss, you don’t have to worry about the treatments killing your cells, it is safe and effective.

The Emerald Laser has been FDA and Health Canada cleared for full body treatment, which means you can treat more areas than other weight loss methods.

Emerald Laser Results

You can see results after a few treatments from the Erchonia Emerald Laser. Harvard conducted a placebo-controlled study, which showed that the participants who actually received treatments from the Emerald Laser lost an average of 3.51 inches from their waist, hips, and thighs in 14 days.

Your Clients Are the Right Candidates

Emerald Laser is the only laser treatment for weight loss that is FDA and Health Canada cleared for full body treatment. It is for clients of any size and is also cleared for people that have a BMI of 30+. Your clients will have no downtime, no side effects, and not have any pain or discomfort.

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