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DolorClast® Radial Shock Waves

Most powerful Radial Shock Waves device on the market

Healthcare professionals use DolorClast® Radial Shock Waves to address superficial sub-acute or chronic musculoskeletal pathologies

What Makes the DolorClast Radial Shockwaves Unique?

High energy output at all frequencies: EMS DolorClast® Radial Shock Waves shows superior performances to Storz Medical MasterPulse® 200 ultra.

A new independent bench study shows that EMS DolorClast® Radial Shock Waves delivers high energy at every frequency. The same cannot be said for the compared device.

What this means for your patients is that the get 3 times more energy for better treatment outcomes.


How Does It Work?

Radial Shock Wave Therapy is a high energy acoustic pulse that is transmitted into the tissue of the affected area of the body. The treatment works by increasing the metabolic activity around the patients affected area of pain.

Compressed air sent to the handpiece accelerates a projectile, which strikes a fixed applicator at high speed (up to 90 km/h). The kinetic energy resulting from this movement is converted into a shock wave transmitted in a radial manner to the targeted tissues.

Shock waves delivery is short in time, usually lasting just a few minutes, thus enabling to be coupled with other therapies within the same session as recommended by the GDT. DolorClast® Shock Waves protocol usually includes a total of three to five sessions, planned at a rate of one to two sessions per week with an interval of minimum 72h between them.


Preset Protocols

You can use preset protocols as a starting point instead of adjusting each setting manually. Preset protocols are available to help you target treatment and increase efficiency.

Special Modes

Analgesic Modes
The Analgesic modes help practitioners to improve sensitive patients’ get acceptance of the treatment. The Analgesic mode will give a preset pulse quantity with a high frequency and a low pressure to improve sensitive patients’ acceptance of the treatment.

Ramp-Up Modes
The Ramp-Up modes are designed to help you treat a patient at maximum pressure without having to manually adjust the pressure. Shockwave treatments are dose dependent. The best treatment outcomes will be reached at the maximum possible pressure tolerated by the patient.

Burst Modes
Burst modes are used to prevent the patient from developing tolerance to certain mechanical stimuli. The Burst modes are specifically designed to alternate a preset frequency and a maximum frequency during treatment.


DolorClast Radial Shock Wave Features

  • Two integrated compressors coupled with an optimized air management system
  • Most powerful Radial Shock Waves device on the market
  • Delivers impulses up to 25Hz
  • Easy adjustment of energy setting while treating
  • Shock absorber to reduce the amount of refracted vibrations

Deliver the Highest Energy Anywhere

  • Portable lightweight device – which means you can treat patients anywhere
  • 5 Smart protocols and 3 modes of action
  • Various applicators to adapt to your patient’s pathology
  • Treats most musculoskeletal pathologies
  • Treats muscle injuries and large areas
  • Ability to deliver 5000 impulses in 3 minutes/20 seconds
  • Session times are short, which gives you the ability to effectively treat more patients per day

Swiss DolorClast® Classic

The Original Radial Shock Wave Device


Swiss DolorClast® Smart20

The Smart Choice In Radial Shock Wave Therapy


Swiss DolorClast® Master

The Solution In Radial Shock Wave Therapy

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Selecting the best equipment for your clinic not only can make sure that you have better patient care, this decision can make you money from day one. We offer flexible plans that help to grow your business.


Month Lease*


Per Month*


3 Months Payment*

*As low as $99 depending on the device

OAC subject to change.

Based on Three Pillars

The Swiss DolorClast Method


Innovative and reliable devices

The Swiss DolorClast Method

Clinical Proof

Safe and effective treatment method

The Swiss DolorClast Method


Practitioner training and shared knowledge

“This treatment helped me to be able to take part in the World Cup races… and prepared me for the Olympics in Vancouver”

– Aksel Lund Svindal

Alpine Skier, 42 Gold Medals Won In The World Cup Races


Download the DolorClast App

The DolorClast® app is the reference in Radial Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy and features the Original Swiss DolorClast® Method invented by EMS Electro Medical Systems of Nyon, Switzerland.

Now available in 7 different languages – English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Russian -, this app is an all-in-one educational and therapeutic guide.

The update includes a unique VAS pain scale measuring patients’ pain intensity. The app also provides medical descriptions, contraindications, treatment protocols, clinical reference studies and treatment videos for 17 conditions including chronic tendinopathies of the musculoskeletal system such as plantar fasciopathy or Achilles insertional tendinopathy.

DolorClast App
Android DolorClast App

Clinical Studies Performed With
The Swiss DolorClast