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The Swiss DolorClast® Method – Shockwave Therapy

How It Works

The Swiss DolorClast® Method uses single acoustic pressure waves, called shock waves, to treat musculoskeletal and dermatological pathologies.

By delivering a mechanical stress to injured tissues, Shock Waves enable:

  • Immediate pain relief
  • A healing reaction of the body

The Swiss DolorClast Method® is the most well-researched shock wave therapy. A combination of unique technologies, clinically proven protocols and education ensure significant improvement in given musculoskeletal and dermatological indications.

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How Shockwaves Work

A shock wave is a single acoustic pulse characterised by a rapid rise to a high peak pressure followed by a rapid drop to below ambient pressure. They are sent to the affected area from the point of contact on the skin’s surface.

The Swiss DolorClast® Method uses single acoustic pressure waves to treat musculoskeletal and dermatological pathologies. It offers and combines two technologies – the propagation of radial and/or focused shock waves – to optimise treatment results.

Swiss DolorClast - Shockwave - How it works
Swiss DolorClast Ballistic Generation

Ballistic Generation

Compressed air accelerates a projectile which strikes a fixed applicator.

The kinetic energy is converted into a shock wave delivered to the target tissue through the skin.

These shock waves are conveyed radially for broad treatment areas.

Pain Therapy In 4 Steps

Step 1: Palpate
Locate the area of pain through palpation and biofeedback.

Step 2: Mark
Mark the area of pain.

Step 3: Apply gel
Apply coupling gel to transmit shock waves to the tissue.

Step 4: Apply shock waves
Deliver Radial or Focused Shock Waves to the area of pain while keeping the applicator firmly in place on the skin.


It’s Clinically Proven

Pressure Waves, When Applied To Injured Tissues,
Stimulate Metabolic Reactions:

  • Reduction of pain felt by nerve fibers
  • Increase of blood circulation in surrounding soft tissues
  • Beginning of healing process triggered by stem cells activation

Education and Training

The Swiss DolorClast Academy (SDCA) offers flexible shock wave training programs worldwide to spread knowledge about Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy with a view to improving patient care.

The SDCA will keep you up-to-date on the latest clinical advances and help you heighten your visibility after being trained and certified.

Make Your Practice A Success

  • Streamlined training model
  • Clinical efficacy and safety of the method
  • A key role in professional sports
  • A strong impact on patient satisfaction

Grow Your Business!

Selecting the best equipment for your clinic not only can make sure that you have better patient care, this decision can make you money from day one. We offer flexible plans that help to grow your business.


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Download the DolorClast App

The DolorClast® app is the reference in Radial Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy and features the Original Swiss DolorClast® Method invented by EMS Electro Medical Systems of Nyon, Switzerland.

Now available in 7 different languages – English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Russian -, this app is an all-in-one educational and therapeutic guide.

The update includes a unique VAS pain scale measuring patients’ pain intensity. The app also provides medical descriptions, contraindications, treatment protocols, clinical reference studies and treatment videos for 17 conditions including chronic tendinopathies of the musculoskeletal system such as plantar fasciopathy or Achilles insertional tendinopathy.

DolorClast App
Android DolorClast App

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